Possible Causes of a Burning Smell When You Turn on the Heater

December 20, 2021
Furnace Repair in Joliet, IL

If you’ve turned on your heater for the first time only to notice a strange smell, don’t panic. This can be a common problem with some simple solutions. There are times you may require assistance from a professional HVAC technician, though. To find out about common causes of that burning smell, keep reading.

Your Furnace Is Dusty

In all likelihood, the outside of your furnace might just be dusty. You may not think to wipe it off before turning your unit on, but don’t worry. The dust will burn away due to the heat. The smell should dissipate soon if this is the problem.

An Object Is Trapped in the System

During the time you weren’t running your heater, it’s possible something may have fallen down into the system or the ductwork. Grab a flashlight and take a look around. You may also want to check the vents in your home. If you notice the odor comes from one specific room, an object could have slipped into the vent.

Dirty Filter or Vents

Did you take care of changing your furnace filter before running it? If you forgot, the filter could be clogged. Your air vents might also be dirty. Both of these things could cause your heating system to work extra hard or overheat. Sometimes mold or mildew grow inside the device, leaving you with a musty smell when you first turn on the heating unit.

Bad Electrical Wiring

If you haven’t had a maintenance check in a while, the wiring in your heating system may be wearing out and you’d never know it. This could lead to some serious issues, and you should really call in an expert to take a look at things.

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