Maintenance Agreement

Energy Savings Planned Maintenance Agreement

It’s all about…prevention and savings

We tune-up your HVAC system in the fall and spring so that your heating and cooling system performs to its full potential to help energy savings and your comfort. That’s why we highly recommend signing up for a Maintenance Agreement Plan with DuPree Heating & Air Conditioning. Our agreement features two annual checkups to ensure everything is functioning properly. This service goes a long way for energy efficiency and increased indoor air comfort. See below for some great benefits of maintenance:

Tune-Up Benefits:

Lower Utility Bills

  • Lower utility bills
  • Extended equipment life
  • Means fewer repairs or breakdowns
  • Improve system reliability
  • Increase capacity
  • Bringing peace of mind to you and your family
  • Emergency service during normal working hours
  • 10% off parts from our original price

Precision Tune-Up Procedure Includes:

Our two visit maintenance plan is $170.00 per system, and we also offer an annual humidifier maintenance at $25.00 per unit.

Cooling (Spring/Summer)

  • Coils cleaned and inspected
  • Fans inspected
  • Refrigerant checked for proper charge
  • Thermostat tested and calibrated
  • Motor and bearings lubricated
  • Wiring and electrical components checked and tested
  • Temperature and pressures adjusted
  • Protective coating applied to outdoor unit
  • 10% off filters
Heating (Fall/Winter)

  • Burner assembly inspected and adjusted
  • Ignition assembly inspected and tested
  • Heat exchanger inspected and cleaned, if accessible
  • Test for carbon monoxide
  • Monitor flue pipe emissions
  • Assure operating sequence
  • Test all safety controls

A Maintenance Agreement from DuPree Heating & Air Conditioning can go a long way for your home comfort. Not only can it save you hundreds on your energy bills, but it can also extend the life of your AC unit or heating system. Contact us today for more information!

*Planned Maintenance Agreement is to maintain your comfort system only and does not cover parts or labor for any needed repairs.