Is It Normal to Smell Gas Near a Furnace?

March 9, 2021

There’s nothing as welcoming as a warm home in the winter. Furnaces play an essential role in battling the wilds of winter for a safe and comfortable house. However, furnaces compromise several components that can wear out or develop faults. One of the problems you might experience with your furnace is a gas smell. Usually, gas smells around the furnace can be dangerous because they could be a sign of gas leaks.

Why Does My Furnace Smell Like Gas?

If you are reading this article because you smell gas around your furnace, please immediately call your local gas provider. Ensure that you shut off gas lines and leave the house as you wait for the gas company to arrive. You shouldn’t overlook a gas smell that doesn’t fade away over time or has been persistent for some time now. However, you shouldn’t worry if the smell is faint or it happens after turning on your furnace in a long while. Read through to discover some common causes of gas like smell around your furnace.

Gas Leak

If you smell gas originating from the air vents and it persists for some time, you could be having a gas leak. Contact an HVAC professional for check-ups if you can hear a whistling or hissing sound together with a gas smell near your furnace. Avoid creating a spark to prevent an explosion or fire.

Exhaust Pipe

The furnace exhaust pipe could cause a gas smell around your furnace. The pipe expels outdoors, and the gas smell could be due to gas blowing back to the house through an open door or window. You might smell a faint gas smell from the exhaust pipe that expels used gas outdoors.

Compost or Trash

A trash or compost pile placed too close to the living space or window can cause a gas smell around the furnace. The gas smell could have nothing to do with the furnace at all. It could be the trash or compost causing the rotten egg smell. Consider taking out the trash or moving the compost.

A gas smell around your furnace can be scary. That’s why we have our qualified and experienced professionals always ready to serve you. Allow us to come to your home for furnace inspection and fix the issue. We can also help with maintenance agreements, indoor air quality solutions, boilers, ductwork and ductless systems, and DET testing. Are you looking for furnace services in Joliet? Don’t hesitate to call DuPree Heating & Air Conditioning for more information on gas smells around the furnace.

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