Expert Joliet IAQ Services

    If you’re looking for trusted indoor air quality services in Joliet, IL, you can rely on DuPree Heating & Air Conditioning. We’ve been diligently serving our customers for years. Started in 2012, our crew attends to clients who need help with indoor air quality issues.

    Due to our focus on excellence, we’ve earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We’re also members of the Joliet Chamber of Commerce.

    IAQ Services in Joliet, IL

    We offer customers the following:
    • Financing options on approved credit
    • Top-notch reliability and quality
    • Trained technicians
    • Timely responses
    • Standard products including air purifiers
    • Flexible appointment options

    Air Purifiers and More for Joliet

    Winter and summer seasons come with the inevitable needs to warm and cool your property. Even if you have a top-of-the-line HVAC system, your indoor air quality could still suffer. Our experts will perform an IAQ assessment so that they can remedy the situation. If it is not up to standard, we can install an advanced REME HALO air purifier. This modern system can truly improve your indoor air quality.

    REME Halo Installations in Joliet IL

    Benefits of the REME HALO:
    • Can purify every cubic inch of air your HVAC reaches
    • Eliminates sick building syndrome risks
    • Reduces odors and air pollutants
    • Ideal for whole-house and -building air purification
    • Designed to recreate the air purification process in nature

    The best part is that our technicians have the necessary training to give you the ultimate indoor air quality. The process starts with an inspection that utilizes high-end technology and ends in fixing the issues. Our experts will check the heating elements to make sure that all is well. You can count on us to use the best equipment to troubleshoot and mend the problems.

    Trusted Indoor Air Quality Services

    If your HVAC unit is not in excellent condition, the chances are high that you are not experiencing high air quality. On that account, our technicians will swoop in to check if there is a problem. They’ll work quickly so that you can resume your daily duties at home or office. At the same time, we never sacrifice quality in our work ethic. We’re prepared to explain your options and install a new air purifier for you. In the end, you’ll be able to breathe easy and enjoy peace of mind. You deserve the best IAQ services that guarantee you the best indoor air quality.

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