How To Improve Indoor Air Quality Naturally

February 16, 2020

One of your most important duties as a homeowner is to make sure that your indoor air quality is always fresh. This can be difficult to do when you have many people constantly coming in and out as well as dirt and dust particles getting captured in your furniture. All hope isn’t lost, however. The following are a few easy ways you can naturally improve indoor air quality.

1. Keep Furniture Clean

For starters, you can make sure all of your furniture is clean. The materials that many pieces of furniture are made out of can easily capture dirt and dust particles. If you have a couch or chairs with materials that are attracted to allergens, you need to vacuum them regularly. This will limit the amount of dirt and dust that your furniture is exposed to.

2. Keep Floors Clean

Another great way to improve your home’s air quality inside is to make sure that your floors are clean. The floor is one of the main culprits for dirtying up the air. If you have carpet in your home, it undoubtedly captures a lot of dirt and dust particles brought in from outside. Therefore, you will need to vacuum your carpeting regularly. If you have hardwood flooring, then make sure that you sweep and mop it as well.

3. Change Your Air Filters

Perhaps the most important thing you can do is regularly change out the air filters used in your air conditioner and furnace. When you use your comfort systems, your air filters will likely end up packed with dust and allergens. If you neglect to change the filters after three months, these allergens could be pushed back into your home through your vents.

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