Five Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

April 17, 2020

For those in the Joliet, IL, area, having a quality home air conditioner is very important. While they are durable, air conditioners do require regular maintenance and upkeep. Below are five air conditioner maintenance tips that anyone can follow.

1. Replace Filter

The air conditioner filter is responsible for keeping dust and large debris out of your unit and ducts. Due to its importance, you need to replace it on a regular basis. Most of the time, you will need to replace the filter every few months.

2. Keep the Area Around the Unit Clean

Another tip to maintaining your air conditioner is to keep the area around your unit clean. If your air conditioner is outside and on the ground, leaves, dirt and other debris can quickly accumulate in the area. To prevent things from getting into the unit, you should sweep around the area regularly.

3. Clean the Condensing Unit

The condenser fan is usually easy to clean. For outside units, this is the part that has a large fan sitting on top. This can be quickly cleaned using a garden hose, which will clean dirt and debris off of it.

4. Annual Service

To keep your air conditioner running well, you should have an annual service done. With annual air conditioner maintenance service, a technician will inspect the system and provide a tune-up. This will keep your system running efficiently for much longer.

5. Know When to Call

Beyond receiving an annual maintenance service, you also need to know when to call an HVAC technician for more serious repairs. If your air conditioner is not producing cold air, is extremely loud, or is inefficient, you should call a technician. A technician will be able to inspect the air conditioner and make suggestions for additional repairs.

If you would like to learn more about how to maintain your air conditioner or need any form of service, you should contact us at DuPree Heating & Air Conditioning in Joliet, IL. Our team of technicians continue to serve customers all over Joliet and the surrounding areas. We provide comprehensive HVAC services, indoor air quality assessments and sheet metal installation. Give us a call today!

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