Does Humidity Affect My Air Conditioner?

May 5, 2021
High Humidity in Joliet, Illinois

Humidity season is one of the toughest things that your air conditioner will face. The resulting strain on your system can cause it to break down when you need it the most. Here is exactly how humidity can get the best of your air conditioner.

It Increases the Strain on Your System

Humidity will make your air conditioning work harder than it otherwise would. Your system removes humidity from the air to cool the home, and more of it means more effort. There is more warm air to take out of the home, and it taxes your air conditioner. This could cause your system to break down from the strain. The best thing is to do preventative maintenance ahead of the season to make sure that your air conditioning is up to the task at peak times.

Your Cooling Will Be Uneven

Increased humidity will also impact how your system works. There may be uneven patches in your home with warmer spots than others. Your room may be hotter than you would like. Even if your air conditioner is able to work as you want, it will take more electricity to get to that point, raising your bills noticeably.

Your System May Break Down Earlier

High humidity levels in your home will increase your HVAC repair bills. In addition, it will also decrease the useful working life of your unit. At some point, you may even need to replace your air conditioning. There are only so many years that your system can work overtime and still continue to function normally. Thus, you may need to invest in a new system at some point while you own your home. However, using a dehumidifier in your home could help prolong the life of your system.

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