Do Air Purifiers Kill Viruses?

January 5, 2021

Air purifiers can remove a wide range of pollutants, irritants and biological contaminants from the air, such as cigarette smoke, pollen and viruses. Not all filters are the same, so you need to make sure you buy HEPA filters that are powerful enough to trap the smallest of molecules like cigarette smoke and viruses.

Using an Air Purifier to Reduce Viruses and Other Biological Contaminants

A whole-house air purifier is ideal because it works on cleaning the air throughout your entire home rather than just a single room. If you can only use a portable air purifier for now, position it three feet away from a person who’s sick to help prevent the germs from spreading. Wear gloves and a surgical mask when you need to change the air filter because viruses can live for several days on the filter.

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Other Benefits of Using an Air Purifier in Your Home

Poor indoor air quality, in general, makes it more likely that you’ll fall sick. Using an air purifier in your home helps prevent you and your family from falling ill. Indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air because it’s not circulated as much. If you have sealed air leaks throughout your home, you have even less ventilation. Having an air purifier is important to keep your indoor air clean.

Other benefits of air filtration in your home are better sleep quality, increased life expectancy, neutralization of bad odors and removal of radon and asbestos particles. Poor quality sleep negatively impacts your productivity and quality of life. If you frequently feel tired or down, then it’s possible your indoor air has been playing a role.

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