3 Signs of Damaged Ductwork

January 10, 2022
Damaged Duct Signs in Joliet, IL

The ductwork in your home is essential to the functioning of your HVAC system. Damaged ducts can affect air quality, airflow, and even your utility bills. Here are a few signs your ductwork might be damaged and needs to be professionally repaired and maintained by a technician.

1. Strange Odors

If your ductwork has worn down due to age or improper construction, there could be mold or mildew developing in the ducts. Excess water in the air will settle in the ducts, prompting growths that can spread through the house. Damaged ductwork can also lead to rodent and pest infestations. You may have experienced a decrease in air quality and more family members could be experiencing increased allergy symptoms like sneezing or coughing.

2. Higher Utility Bills

Worn-down ductwork can lead to heat leaking out into uninsulated areas like the attic or basement. Your furnace may continue to run for longer to compensate for the escaping air, increasing the bills even though the home never seems to heat up. There may be more cold spots in your house or rooms that never seem to heat up. This can pose a safety hazard to at-risk loved ones like children and the elderly.

3. Excess Debris and Dust

More dust, debris, and particulates will find their way into the ductwork through tears or worn-down parts. You’ll see an increase in dust coating the vents and accruing on dressers and shelves around your home. With air being pulled in through the ductwork itself, the air being pushed around the house won’t be safely screened through the filter first. This can make allergies worse and keep pet hair, dander, and dust circulating for longer.

Your Professional HVAC Team

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